Thursday, September 17, 2015

Stan Smith obsession

These past couple of months, or even longer I have been searching for Stan Smith Adidas.... but leave it to every single blogger and fashion forward girl to buy out the whole store. Adidas is literally on back order until October due to the fact that the sneaker trend has gone viral. But of course that didn't stop me or my sister from trying every possible place to find them. 
We basically made it our life goal and we wouldn't rest until we had those perfect little shoes on our feet. After a while of searching I decided to accept the fact that I would not be finding a pair for another 3 months or so.Then a funny little thing happened when I went shopping with my sister last weekend. We walked into Urban Outfitters and it was like the gods had been listening to our prayers. One order of size 6.5 Stan Smith Adidas coming up! But the problem was there was only one pair.. ugh. Well knowing me you're probably guessing that I won and walked away with those beautiful dreamy shoes, but I didn't. I knew she had wanted them more than I so I decided to let her bask in the glory and purchase them. Oh well, it looks like I am back to square one and my search continues... but at least she let me wear them for just a few seconds to snap some shots of these beauties.

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