Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tips for travel

Hey babes! I'm back from Europe and am finally getting into my normal everyday routine. Not only am I excited to give you guys some of my favorite recommendations for places I visited over the past 5 weeks, but I also want to give some tips on preparing for your trip abroad. Here are a few things I wish I knew before I hopped on the plane for a five week trip to Europe!

The three apps I used the most when I was abroad were Google Maps, Convert and Uber.
Using Google Maps was my daily ritual. The best way to save your data is when you are on Wifi map out what you will do for the day, google maps the directions and take screenshots. This way you won't have to actively use your data when trying to find directions somewhere. Convert was another extremely helpful app when trying to compare the currency of Euros to U.S dollars. And its best to have an Uber account because Lyft is not used in Europe and taking taxis in most of the cities I visited was more expensive then just using Uber and Uber is just overall safer.

I definitely suggest adding an international plan to your cell phone for the span of time that you will be gone. This is the best way to avoid high charges for cellular roaming. It is best to make sure you call your provider before you go on your trip and ask them to start the international plan on the day that you arrive abroad.

When you are not on wifi always turn on your airplane mode. When you don't need to use it for anything it functions mostly like an ipod. You can still use Snapchat and Instagram which is a plus! When you share your posts they will fail, but once you find wifi you can click "retry" and they post.

My luggage scale was my best friend. An easy way to save money is by making sure your carry on is not over weight because then you won't have to pay to check it. Before you pack for your trip go on each airlines website and check the maximum weight that your carry on can be.

These are just a few things I found to be helpful when I was traveling. As for cell phone use, I mean I know you want to document every moment of your trip, but sometimes its best to just detach from social media and really enjoy where you are!
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