Monday, May 8, 2017

Barcelona, Spain

The essential Barcelona travel guide for the explorers and party people.

Sandemans tour is the best way to become familiar with the city. It is also tip based so it is technically free but remember to bring some euros to tip your guide at the end. Sandemans also provides a tapas tour where you drink wine and try authentic appetizers. 
La Rambla is similar to the Hollywood walk of fame as it is the main street in the center of Barcelona.
Parc Guell provides a beautiful view of the city. You don't have to buy tickets to visit, but if you do  you can go take pictures sitting on the beautiful tile bench and you can walk through and explore the grounds.
La Sagrada Familia is the most beautiful church I have ever seen. I highly recommend buying tickets online to go inside. 

Razzmattazz was by far one of the best nights we had. The DJ is awesome and they play tons of throw backs. Its a huge night club with sick lighting, confetti, and at the end the workers dress up in costumes and perform songs for you.
Espit Chupito is a fun place to pre game or just drink and chill. Its a cool little bar that provides 200 shots to choose from and the best part is they're one euro per shot.

La Boqueria is the market in the center of the city. They have tons of fresh fish, fresh fruit, gelato, and other authentic Spanish food. Highly recommend trying the gelato here. The Kinder Bueno and Carmel Banana were my favorite. Also go to the fish section and get a plate of the fresh tuna and salmon, its affordable and so so fresh you will die.
La Delicioso is the perfect place to stop after relaxing on the beach. It is right on the beach and they have delicious food and refreshing Pina Coladas!
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