Monday, June 5, 2017


SO.... Lets talk about how weird this weather is. I mean one minute I'm getting ready to head down to the beach and the next minute I find myself throwing on my comfy sweats and getting back to that Netflix episode I binged watched the night before (it was "Shameless" by the way). 

My Spring Break has definitely been different from the past years because most of my friends are studying abroad or traveling to sick ass destination, something I should have planned if I pulled my shit together in time. So what to do when you're having fomo from watching your friends slaying abroad...well my answer is get out of bed, throw on an outfit and explore! Because what better way to forget about the fact that you should be getting buck in Cabo (jk, kinda) than to get all cute and adventure around beautiful San Diego. 
North Park is one of my fav places to go because literally everything is so cute. Like no joke, walk into any coffee shop or clothing store and you will die at how cute and aesthetice everything is. I mean just the walls alone give every girl a reason to want to drive over all glammed up and get that new prof pic they need. After shopping at the LF sale and getting the most fabulous shoes I've ever step foot in I had to shoot them so I could show you guys! 

Get the look: top // jeans // booties & choker // bracelet

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