Friday, June 30, 2017


Shopping at thrift stores during festival season is the motherland of cheap finds and vintage threads. Coachella season is the time that every girl is selling their soul and probably half of their closet to make some quick cash for that Weekend 1 ticket. I am sure all you festival goers are reading this and thinking back to a couple months ago when you were plotting in your group text the best ways to hustle for that ticket... and don't you worry I am 110% guilty of it.
Seriously, ask my friends and they'll tell you that every year, about 1-2 days before Coachella (after working tirelessly for weeks and considering to do some unforgiveable things for a ticket) I finally make enough money to consider going. But back to what I am really here to tell you... about a month ago I walked into Buffalo Exchange, B-lined it to the shoe section and found these beautiful studded Jeffrey Campbell look alikes for only (drum role) TWENTY ONE dollars!!!
Hmm.. spend twenty one dollars on boots that are maybe half a size too small, or go out to dinner with my friends. Yeah, I think I would rather starve then put these bad boys back up on the shelve where they definitely do not belong! And the best part is that I didn't even know that these were Jeffrey Campbell knock-offs. Which made me feel even better after realizing I could have spent $170 on these, but instead ended up paying $21, which by the way is the amount that some people spend on spices in the Vons spice rack section for cooking (and if you saw my Snapchat you would know what I'm talking about). 
You all are probably looking at my outfit and imagining a price tag above my head label at $200 - $300. Well I'm about to blow your mind one more time when I tell you my entire outfit only cost $95 (and thats including that $5 coffee I'm holding in my hand). Want to find out how I throw together cheap pieces to make it look like I spend hundreds of dollars on my wardrobe? Well keep scrolling...

I have been trying to find the best way to directly link my clothes on here, but because I mostly buy from thrift stores or during sales its been a little difficult. But if you need help finding look alikes comment below and I would love to help!
Get the look: skirt // blouse // booties 

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