Thursday, July 27, 2017


At some point in the past year my style has taken a serious turn. I've gone from La Jolla mom at the farmers market on an easy Sunday morning to Mila Kunis in That 70's Show.
Okay, maybe that's a little extreme... because we all know no one could compare to Mila Kunis. But I have noticed my style has taken a turn and as my sister would say, my style is "cool girl chic with a 70's inspired retro edge." Over the past year my motto has become W.W.R.B.W, "what would Rocky Barnes wear." Rocky is my style inspiration. I mean I think I may be a little obsessed considering the fact that I named my cat after her (don't judge). If you look at her Instagram you'll see how vibrant and lively her style is and I think everyone could use a little style inspo from her.

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