Saturday, July 15, 2017


A last minute trip to Mexico was exactly what I needed after watching my friends study abroad all quarter. Seriously though... it was torture watching them go on all of these amazing adventures, so when the opportunity to travel to Mexico for my cousin's wedding arose I immediately took it.

Because it came up so quick my sister and I barely had time to plan, so all I knew about Mexico was what my mom warned me about, which of course was not the most accurate advice. She had me thinking that the three essentials I needed to survive this trip was toilet paper, mosquito repellant and pepper spray. I'm not even kidding when I say that I thought I would be going to the bathroom in a hole...
My literal mood during the trip was complete shock. To my surprise, when I rolled up to our super cute Airbnb with a neighborhood looking like Barcelona I was seriously amazed. And then it only got better when we ventured into the city to visit our family at their boujie hotel that looked like it was pulled out of a scene from the Titanic. So by the second day Mikaela and I threw all of our plain black v conservative clothes back into our suitcases and whipped out our vibrant, fun, colorful wardrobe as we prepped our outfits for our visit to the Frida Kahlo Museum
I honestly had never felt so extra in my life... walking down the streets with my bright red lipstick, fuschia scarf tied in my hair, pink dangly earrings, and this multi colored blazer Mikaela and I had found at a thrift store. The day I wore this outfit I had people thinking I was a local. The best part about being mestiza is that we blended in just fine! The only thing the sold our cover was when we would walk into restaurants and stores and they would speak to us in Spanish and I would stare blankly lol. People were stopping me on the streets asking me where they could get a jacket like mine.
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