Sunday, January 14, 2018


Hey babes! Im sure you can relate when I say this new year has a lot in store. I’ll be starting 2 new internships which has really sparked this new “business chic” statement piece style for me. If I were to go back a couple years and see the kinds of statement pieces I combine together now I would most definitely not be down. I’ve def seen my style transform over the years and right now I’m really into the eclectic look of combining different colors, prints and styles. 

I wore this outfit to one of my sisters art shows in Del Mar ( which by the way if you haven’t seen me post about her stuff already you should check it out here!) . I think I def nailed it when I tried to pull off the "Im bougie and go to art shows" look. After the first day of her show when I saw people walking around with bedazzled skull masks on, butterfly wings and basically every color of the rainbow I knew I had to step it up. So here is my take on the eclectic statement piece look. I would love to hear what you think about pairing statement pieces! 
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