Thursday, January 18, 2018


Only 3 weeks into January and I already have a good feeling about this year. I’ve decided to stop thinking so much and just do what I want to do. So Like any college girl I will omg act be going to Cabo for spring break... basic ya I know but can you really blame me? I mean you only go to College once and isn’t it true that everyone strongly believes College was the “best time of their lives.” So before I graduate (graduate college I know isn’t that crazy sos) I decided i need to be that basic college girl for once before I miss my chance. 

And of course being the OCD freak I am Im obvi already planning all my outfits for the trip. Looking through the archives and found this cute little number. And a plus is that the store I got it from is having a sale right now! Head over to their site and use the code SEMI for a good discount. And if you have any good tips for Cabo or just hilarious stories you have from your crazy spring break I would love to hear them! 
Photography by: Brianna Demelo
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