Friday, March 2, 2018


I have never been a fan of jeans or really clothes for that matter. This might seem a little hypocritical because I have a fashion blog and I wear jeans 70% of the time. But I am sure you can all relate when I say jeans are simply not comfortable. I don't know if that is just a weird little thing pertaining specifically to me, but I will literally look for any reason not to wear pants.
The truth is I hate wearing the same clothes all day. On a normal day between school, my internship and work if Im given enough time I change my clothes about three times a day. Crazy, I know... but no joke, the second I walk in to my house, pants are off, hair is tied up and I'm wearing the baggiest men's tshirt I can find. I'm all about the comfy craze and for those of you who know me you all understand why I am so oddly obsessed with pajamas, onesies and literally anything soft. Seriously... ever since I was little I was never really a fan of clothing, but obviously going pantless is clearly not acceptable in public. Thankfully the fashion gods have answered my problems and have brought back the flowy pant trend. Most of you were obsessing over the pants I dressed up for my outing to Sunday church with the one and only legend, my grandma. So I decided to link a few similar looks below!


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